January 4, 2012
A Swing and A Miss - Judge's ruling draws reaction from both sides
Modern Healthcare
An article appeared in Modern Healthcare magazine regarding President Obama's health care reform law on which the Supreme Court will be ruling. Janice Anderson, shareholder in the Health Care practice group at Polsinelli Shughart in Chicago, was quoted in the article on the subject regarding health care providers taking steps to adapt to some of the provisions dealing with payment reforms. "Hospitals are already facing the proposition of a portion of their payments being withheld" due to initiatives involving pay for performance. "I frankly don't see any of that changing . . . If for some reason the Supreme Court totally overruled the reform bill, I think portions of this would still stay or get re-enacted." 
The full magazine article is for paid subscibers only.
Anderson would be an excellent source for reporters working on stories about:
Quality of change to payment systems
Corporate compliance
Physicians and hospitals
Stark laws
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