News Releases
July 25, 2015

From The Phoenix Business Journal

By Eric Jay Toll

Barriers to trade with Cuba are coming down, and the island nation’s shopping list includes opportunity for Arizona businesses.

Michael Patterson and Melissa Proctor, shareholders and Latin American international trade specialists with Phoenix law firm Polsinelli, say there is opportunity if businesses plan ahead.

“Although some restrictions are being lifted by executive order, most trade restrictions will require an act of Congress,” said Patterson. “However, there are exceptions on some products.”

Proctor, who authored a white paper on Cuban trade for the Retail Value Chain Federation, said that many trade items require licenses from the U.S. State Department, which are invariably declined.

“There are certain products that can be exported to Cuba today under various license exceptions,” she said. ‘Certain personal consumer communications devices, certain agricultural products, and certain items intended for the support of the Cuban people.”

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