At Polsinelli, we maintain a high-performing, inclusive organization where all persons can thrive personally and professionally.  This is essential to creating the most innovative and agile firm for the benefit of our clients and colleagues.

Core Values

The acceptance, pursuit and promotion of diversity and inclusion are core values of Polsinelli. These values inform, enlighten, and shape the strategy and actions that define our business at its essence, allowing us to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities of a globally competitive marketplace.

We define diversity to include people from various ethnic, religious, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability and socio-economic backgrounds who offer a mosaic of beliefs, experiences, perspectives, and values. It is our belief that diversity is critical to providing unique and creative solutions for our clients’ greatest challenges. Diversity also brings value to the firm because it adds richness of day-to-day interactions and relationships developed amongst those with whom we work, engage and interact.

Polsinelli defines inclusion as the comprehensive, coordinated and complete integration of all diverse persons across the various sectors of our business enterprise as contributors, leaders and agents of change. Ours is a culture that promotes and invites openness, creativity and tolerance for bold thinking and creative ideas.

Diversity & Inclusion Programming

Our Diversity and Inclusion efforts have the support of and are coordinated with our firm’s C-Suite executives and management teams, and are developed and implemented through the office of the Chief Diversity Officer and the Director of Diversity & Inclusion, with guidance and input from the firm’s Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board and the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. We have adopted a six pillar approach to support realization of our core values and which accurately reflect our vision as we endeavor to build an intellectually vibrant workplace. The six pillars are:
  • Recruitment: Building a well-trained pipeline of diverse talent
  • Relationship Building: Attorney resource groups and community engagement
  • Professional and Leadership Development: Promotion and achievement
  • Knowledge Expansion: Diversity and Inclusion training and speakers’ series
  • Pipeline Initiatives: Exposing undergraduates and law students to careers in the legal profession
  • Retention: Establishing policies and practices that lead to retention of the firm’s talent
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