Polsinelli is a first generation law firm serving corporations, institutions, entrepreneurs and individuals nationally. Our attorneys successfully build enduring client relationships by providing practical legal counsel infused with business insight, and with a passion for understanding how to achieve General Counsels’ and CEOs’ objectives. Polsinelli attorneys invest in understanding their clients’ businesses from all angles, as well as the risks, challenges and issues affecting their industry. Ranked 18th in number of U.S. partners* and with more than 700 attorneys in 18 offices from Los Angeles to New York, Polsinelli’s organic growth has been driven by the addition of attorneys from top national top law firms. Polsinelli was profiled in the June 2013 issue of The American Lawyer as the fastest-growing, full-service law firm in America over a five-year period. The firm’s strategic focus is in six areas: healthcare, financial services, real estate, life sciences and technology, energy and business litigation. More broadly, the firm has depth of experience in practices organized around more than 100 services and 70 industries.

In 1972 Jim Polsinelli and colleagues formed the firm to serve business and real estate clients in a small office in the historic Country Club Plaza District in Kansas City, Missouri. The firm has continued to see impressive growth over its 40+ year history with expanding practice areas and office additions, most recently in Dallas, Los Angeles and Chattanooga, Tennessee. The addition of these offices is part of our strategic plan to better serve the increasing needs of our clients.

We strive to align our services to our clients' business goals.  Doing so has allowed us to attract experienced attorneys across the country seeking a platform best suited to their clients' priorities.  With our firm’s concentration of presence in lower-overhead markets, we are able to offer more comprehensive services than local or regional firms and more competitive overall cost than national firms concentrated  in higher cost markets.

Polsinelli’s firm values have held strong and served to support its dramatic growth:

  • We treat one another and our clients with mutual respect
  • Our people, our integrity and our reputation are our most valuable assets
  • Diversity matters to us and brings true value to our clients.
  • We provide practical, business-driven legal counsel grounded in an understanding of our clients’ business objectives not just our own
  • We recognize the complex challenges that our clients face by
    • ensuring that matters are handled by attorneys at the firm with appropriate experience wherever they may reside
    • mobilizing to respond and execute with urgency and ownership
    • delivering value through a reasonable cost structure that leverages our depth and breadth and works within our clients’ business parameters

The firm’s strategic focus is in six areas which include Health Care, Financial Services, Real Estate, Life Sciences and Technology, Energy and Business Litigation.  More broadly, we have depth of experience in practices organized around more than 100 services and 70 industries.


 *Law360, March 2014