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    • J.D., University of Missouri, 2005, Tax Certificate
    • M.A., University of Missouri, 2001
    • B.S., University of Missouri, 2001
John Crawford utilizes his extensive tax law background and experience to advise nonprofit, social enterprise, and for-profit clients. John represents all types of nonprofit organizations, with significant experience representing nonprofit healthcare organizations, assisting these clients with their formation, planning and structuring issues, and operational matters, including: 
  • Qualifying organizations for tax-exempt status 
  • Providing advice and counsel on corporate governance practices and policies
  • Reviewing and analyzing executive compensation issues 
  • Structuring relationships to ensure compliance with the intermediate sanctions rules and the private benefit and private inurement doctrines 
  • Establishing for-profit subsidiaries, supporting organizations, joint ventures, and other affiliations and relationships 
  • Analyzing and engaging in unrelated business income planning 
  • Ensuring compliance with the law related to political and lobbying activities  
  • Developing financial assistance policies, emergency medical care policies, and billing and collection policies to comply with Section 501(r) of the Internal Revenue Code
  • Analyzing tax-exempt issues related to formation and operations of accountable care organizations and clinically integrated networks
John’s for-profit tax practice focuses on the CMBS area relating to real estate mortgage investment conduits (REMICs).

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