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name title v-card office
David J. Babiarz Shareholder vcard Denver
Jennifer Gille Bacon Senior Partner vcard Kansas City
Anne E. Baggott Associate vcard Kansas City
Stephen J. Bahr Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Ari M. Bai Shareholder vcard Phoenix
Brook M. Bailey Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Miriam E. C. Bailey Counsel vcard Kansas City
R. James Balls Shareholder vcard Washington, D.C.
Vedrana Balta Associate vcard Kansas City
Mary M. Bannister Shareholder vcard St. Louis
Samuel C. Barfoot Associate vcard Kansas City
Anne Cherry Barnett Principal vcard San FranciscoLos Angeles
Carol C. Barnett Shareholder vcard St. Joseph
Todd H. Bartels Shareholder vcard Kansas CitySt. Joseph
Alex Bartko Associate vcard Atlanta
Alexander B. Barton Shareholder vcard Denver
John F. Barwell Associate vcard Phoenix
Roy Bash Practice Chair | Industry Division Chair vcard Kansas City
Jacob W. ("Jeb") Bayer, Jr. Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Joseph A. Bealmear Shareholder vcard St. Louis
Alicia M. Beck Associate vcard Kansas City
John R. Bednarz Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Nicole C. Behnen Shareholder | Practice Vice Chair vcard St. Louis
Catherine R. Bell Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Jeffrey S. Bell Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Marina E. Bell Attorney vcard Kansas City
Marla R. Bell Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Gregory M. Bentz Senior Partner vcard Kansas City
Marla G. Berger Of Counsel vcard New York
James Bergin Associate vcard Kansas City
Jay E. Berryman Associate vcard Kansas City
Brian D. Bewley Shareholder vcard Nashville
Vivek Bhatt Shareholder vcard Chicago
Gillian McKean Bidgood Shareholder vcard Denver
Steven A. Bierly Shareholder vcard Chicago
Jon A. Bierman Shareholder vcard St. Louis
Barry P. Biggar Shareholder vcard New York
James H. Billingsley Shareholder vcard Dallas
Daniel W. Bir Principal vcard Los Angeles
James E. Bird Shareholder | Practice Co-Chair vcard Kansas City
Shirley T. Bissen Patent Agent vcard St. Louis
Mary Beth Blake Senior Partner vcard Kansas City
Elizabeth Blakely Paquet Associate vcard New York
Philip W. Bledsoe Shareholder vcard Denver
Irwin E. Blond Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Mitsi A. Blount, Ph.D. Scientist vcard Kansas City
Jonathan S. Blum Counsel vcard Dallas
Jonathan J. Bollozos Associate vcard St. Louis
Mary Clare Bonaccorsi Shareholder | Practice Chair vcard Chicago
Abby E. Bonjean Associate vcard Chicago