From freshly baked bread to packaged soup to shelled pistachios, our Food Products, Additives and Nutraceuticals practice realizes the sophisticated science and regulatory requirements behind your company’s food products. Whether producing processed foods, dietary supplements or genetically modified seeds, our attorneys deliver value-added legal advice specific to your industry sub-set, providing you with options to strengthening your market share.

We understand that innovation can be important to the growth of a food company and helps distinguish it from competitors. Our team provides intellectual property due diligence, as well as copyright and trademark counseling to help capture, leverage, and monetize your R&D. When advanced technologies and scientific innovations took root in the food and agriculture industries, a need to protect and defend new products sprouted. Our team of highly skilled individuals understands the industry and will work as an extension of your R&D team. Protection of intellectual property extends beyond R&D, and our practice can help monitor patent portfolios and defend or prosecute potential infringements, when needed.

Whether your organization is entering into a strategic alliance or is seeking advice on a corporate governance matter, our multi-disciplinary team will deliver a comprehensive and tailored legal plan. In addition, we diligently work with our clients to review and update risk management policies in an effort to avoid potential litigation. Our goal is to keep our clients out of the courtroom. Our attorneys have assisted in product recalls and market withdrawals, including advice on regulatory, contract, tort, and customer relations issues to aid in preserving our client’s stature in the industry. We have represented both food manufacturing companies and food additive companies against allegations that their products and/or manufacturing processes have caused harm.

We also assist in preparing Food Contact Notifications for new food additives, Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) Notices, and advise on good manufacturing practice requirements and guidance for direct and indirect food additives. Our practice assists on the legal aspects and FDA approvals of allowable additives and nutraceuticals. For our clients who ship products abroad or who source ingredients from overseas, our practice is well-versed in the import/export regulations and legal issues surrounding food products, additives and nutraceuticals.

Working with you as trusted advisors, knowledgeable of your industry, ensures we provide valuable guidance to further your short and long term goals.