Our attorneys deliver customized legal solutions to clients throughout the processes of manufacturing and production of food products and distribution, whether retail or wholesale. Our experience with integration through acquisitions, or expansion of the food production and distribution supply chain gives our practice an uncommon perspective. From sourcing ingredients through manufacturing, packaging and through trucking logistics, we are able to use our familiarity with all phases of production and distribution to provide our clients a holistic legal outlook. Our practice is versed in business and financial counseling, risk management, regulation, intellectual property protection, interstate transportation, product labeling and distribution law, litigation and dispute resolution, and public policy advocacy.

We have particular insight and understanding of food safety laws and regulations, including the ever changing face of the Food Safety Modernization Act, and its related regulations and guidances. We can provide assistance with the creation and implementation of Food Safety Plans and Food Defense Plans needed during the production and distribution of food.

Familiar with the FDA food wholesaler registration process, we have assisted many clients seeking certification. Once our client has gained acceptance by the FDA to wholesale their food product, our attorneys are experienced in all legal aspects of selling food products, including food safety and storage, commercial transactions, corporate governance, and tax matters. For clients whom house and sell a variety of food products from multiple vendors, our team recognizes our clients require counsel with a keen legal eye.

We represent the full spectrum of companies involved in food production and distribution, including:

  • Food producers, including manufacturers of food products, food additives, farms and dairies 
  • Processors, including processors of meat, poultry, vegetable and dairy products 
  • Manufacturers of equipment for processing food 
  • Providers of specialized industry services 
  • Chemical manufacturers, distributors and applicators

Our cross-disciplinary practice assists food producers and distributers with specialized operational, transactional and regulatory needs. We recognize the food production and distribution industry has many opportunities, but also many risks. By working with our clients to minimize risks, our goal is to avoid litigation. However, should litigation arise, our practice has successfully litigated cases involving:

  • Food-borne illness, product contamination, reputation damages, and product recall 
  • Allegations that production process or ingredients have caused personal injuries 
  • Environmental claims relating to the food manufacturing process 
  • Defects in food manufacturing machinery 
  • Shipping disputes, including contractual claims and claims for damaged shipments 
  • Corporate and commercial disputes, including business interruption 
  • Insurance recovery 
  • Auto liability due to the delivery of products to retail establishments 
  • Employment matters particular to the food industry
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