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In recent years, natural and organic foods and related products have enjoyed substantial consumer attention. Transactions grow increasingly sophisticated and attract attention from private equity as well as strategic investors. As a result, manufacturers and retailers of natural and organic foods are subject to greater regulatory and judicial scrutiny and require an integrated legal team capable of navigating the unique legal considerations of these evolving industries. Whether drafting contracts, resolving issues with suppliers, distributors, brokers, contractors and employees, defending against consumer claims, or assisting clients with regulations and policies surrounding the USDA’s Organic Certification requirements or with the FDA, our team of attorneys is prepared to take all required action on your behalf. We offer insight and foresight gained by closely monitoring this increasingly regulated environment.

Serving start-ups seeking financing and mature companies looking for exits, our multi-faceted practice is able to serve the legal needs of organizations at every stage of their business lifecycle.

Product areas in which our team brings particular experience include:

  • Organic and natural baked goods (sweet and savory) 
  • Organic dairy, soy and grain based products 
  • Natural canned fruits, vegetables, preserves and nut butters 
  • Natural and organic beverages 
  • Natural and organic candy 
  • Organic food additives and sweeteners 
  • Natural herbal remedies, creams and salves 
  • Grocers
  • Plant-based consumer products 
  • Organic pet supplements 
  • All-natural pet food 
  • Natural hygiene products