Publications & Presentations
September 30, 2014
Polsinelli is proud to sponsor this annual event, taking place in Chicago, IL on September 30-October 1, 2014. Our shareholders will participate in panel discussions on the following topics:

Brand Name and Generic Interpretations of The Changing Paradigm for Generic Market Entry: Identifying New Due Diligence Concerns Relative to ANDA Drug Targets and Anticipating New Paragraph IV Challenges

Panel Participant: Gary E. Hood, Polsinelli Shareholder 
Tuesday, September 30 | 9:15AM

Nearly every major blockbuster drug is set to go off patent by 2017. As such, assessments concerning viable patent targets and anticipated invalidity and non-infringement challenges will soon fall outside of the realm of the traditional blockbuster targets. This paradigm shift will change Paragraph IV litigation as we know it. The panel will explore what both brand name and generic pharmaceutical companies can do to adapt and evolve.

Teva v. Sandoz – A Debate on the Standard of Review for Claim Construction: De Novo vs. Deferential

Panel Participant: Ronald M. Daignault, Polsinelli Shareholder 
Tuesday, September 30 | 11:15AM

Claim construction has been described as the most important event in the course of patent litigation – let alone Paragraph IV litigation. The Supreme Court’s granting of cert. in Teva v. Sandoz – a Paragraph IV Dispute which may well be the patent case of the century – may change all this as the de novo vs. deferential standard of review debate is front and center once again. In this session our panelists will engage in a lively debate on the merits of each of these standards and lend their predictions for what the Court may ultimately decide.

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