August 29, 2013

On August 15, 2013, the Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board ("the Board") released updated inventories and need determinations for health service areas across the State. The new need determinations reveal a general overall decrease in calculated need for health facilities and services compared to the June 27, 2013 facility updates. This decrease is due to a combination of factors. The 2011 need determinations, upon which the monthly updates are based, utilized projected 2008 census data that overstated the State's population by 1.2 million. Such an overstatement in population combined with relatively flat utilization rates contributed to the significant decrease in need. Further, due to a 2012 amendment to the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Act, the 2013 need projections are based on five-year population projections, instead of ten-year projections as was the case for calculating the 2011 base need determinations.

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