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November 10, 2015
Presented by Information Management Network (IMN), the Borrower & Investor Forum on Real Estate Mezzanine Financing & Subordinated Debt covers the entire capital stack with a focus on mezzanine finance and subordinated debt and also addresses the latest high-yield debt strategies for investors. Senior executives from leading firms within the owner-operator and lending communities will convene to discuss financing strategies for new acquisitions, development and refinance.

Macro-Economic Viewpoint: When Interest Rates Rise & Other Key Issues Impacting CRE Investment in 2016
November 10, 2015 | 11:45 AM

Polsinelli Shareholder Allen Dickey will be leading the panel discussion on the 2016 macroeconomic outlook and what it means for commercial real estate values and investment. He will be joined by:
  • Tim Wang - Director & Head of Investment Research, Clarion Partners
  • Jay Rollins - President, JCR Capital
  • Jillian Mariutti - Associate Director, JCRA Financial
  • John Randall - Managing Director, PCCP, LLC
  • Walter Schmidt - Senior Managing Partner, Rockwood Capital, LLC

Topics include:
  • Where are we in the cycle?
  • When will we see interest rates rise and by how much? Will this lead to instability within the CRE sector? Will inflation remain contained? How would inflation (from rental rates to costs of construction materials) really affect cash-flowing real estate investments? What can we expect from the Fed for the next two years that will impact CRE investment?
  • Some analysts predicted that 2015 would be the best year of economic recovery since the 2007 crash: How are fundamentals rounding out? What can we expect in 2016?: Cap rates; unemployment rates/future job growth prospects; CRE loan prices/origination; default rates; CRE values? What does this all mean for CRE investment?
  • Assessing how Euro-Zone and other global economic/political forces/instability will impact the US economy over the next 12-18 months: What will be the subsequent impact on the real estate markets?

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