December 2016
U.S. embargoes and economic sanctions on countries such as Iran, Russia and Cuba were discussed at length by both candidates during the 2016 Presidential campaign, and President-Elect Trump has stated that he intended to rescind the recent lifting of nuclear-related sanctions against Iran, and possibly renegotiate the recent liberalization of trade and travel with Cuba. He also expressed his doubts as to the effectiveness of the sectoral sanctions levied against Russia. 

Reversing current trade policy vis-à-vis Iran and Cuba, as well as modifying the sanctions on Russia’s energy and defense sectors, would significantly impact the international supply chains and international activities of many U.S. companies. Importers, exporters and companies that have overseas subsidiaries and business interests in particular are urged to consider how changes in the current embargoes and economic sanctions programs by the Trump Administration in 2017 could affect their operations, profitability, contractual obligations and international trade compliance. 

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