November 2016
We're pleased to announce the release of the Polsinelli|TrBK Distress Indices for the Third Quarter of 2016.

Polsinelli, with data provided exclusively by TexHost, LLC d/b/a TrollerBk.com, publishes the Indices on a quarterly basis. You are being provided with a link to view or download the quarterly report. The report is complimentary and is being sent to a select group of industry participants and leaders. There are three research indices calculated and discussed in the report: 
  • The Polsinelli|TrBK Chapter 11 Distress Research Index 
  • The Polsinelli|TrBK Real Estate Distress Research Index 
  • The Polsinelli|TrBK Healthcare Services Distress Research Index
The indices are published on a quarterly basis, along with a report providing detailed analysis. The indices are based on certain cross-sections of Chapter 11 filings and are intended to be contrarian indicators of U.S. economic performance. Because the indices are not based on securities trading information, the indices provide economic information that may be otherwise unrepresented by the broader public exchanges, especially regarding private companies.

For More Information 

For more information on the indices, visit www.distressindex.com. We look forward to your feedback regarding the indices. Further, please feel free to forward this email and/or the report to others that you believe might be interested.