May 2019
As the country continues to enact new laws to address the opioid crisis, the Florida legislature has followed suit. House Bill 451 now requires that, before prescribing, ordering, dispensing or administering an opioid to their patients, physicians must inform their patients of available non-opioid alternatives for the treatment of pain. They must also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of non-opioid alternatives, provide an educational pamphlet to the patient and document the non-opioid alternatives considered in the patient’s record. The rule becomes effective July 1, 2019 if signed by Governor Ron De Santis as expected. The requirement does not apply to emergency services and care and does not apply to pharmacists who dispense opioids.

The rule also requires the Department of Health to develop and publish a pamphlet on its website regarding the use of non-opioid alternatives for treatment of pain, including non-opioid drugs, and the advantages and disadvantages of these alternatives.