September 2018

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In This Issue:
A California Court Finds that Dishonesty and Unethical Conduct is a Basis for Denial of Reappointment
  • In a recent opinion issued by the California Fourth District Court of Appeal, the Court reaffirmed that dishonesty and unethical conduct can affect patient care and therefore is a basis to deny reappointment. 
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New Jersey Court Holds Hospital’s MEC Can be Considered Separate Legal Entity for Suit
  • A recent federal case from New Jersey, Nahas v. Shore Medical Center, 2018 WL 1981474, is making headlines due to its relatively novel ruling that medical executive committees can be considered legal entities separate and apart from the hospitals that they serve, and more importantly, its reliance on the Health Care Quality Improvement Act to support the ruling.
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National Practitioner Data Bank Q and A
  • If a hospital summarily suspends a physician but the physician resigns his or her clinical privileges, or takes a leave of absence, before the suspension has been in effect for more than 30 days, does the hospital have to report that suspension or leave?
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42 CFR Part 2 Substance and Alcohol Abuse Information Restrictions and Concerns during the Credentialing and Peer Review Processes
  • Hospitals and other medical providers are becoming increasingly concerned with the issue of substance and alcohol abuse reporting during physician credentialing and peer review processes.
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The Benefits and Complications of Peer Reviewing Employed Physicians
  • A growing trend for hospitals and other health care providers is entering arrangements with physicians and physician groups which extend beyond solely credentialing the physicians. 
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