February 2017
We're pleased to announce the release of the Polsinelli|TrBK Distress Indices for the Fourth Quarter of 2017. Polsinelli, with data provided exclusively by TexHost, LLC d/b/a TrollerBk.com, publishes the Indices on a quarterly basis.

After some relative stability the last several quarters, both the Chapter 11 and Real Estate Indices increased by 6 and 7 points respectively. The Chapter 11 Distress Index increased 14 percent since last quarter and is approximately the same as one year ago. The Real Estate Index increased 28 percent from last quarter and is at its highest level in the last 3 years. The Health Care Services Distress Index keeps breaking its previous record high. This quarter is 181 percent higher than the benchmark period of the fourth quarter of 2010, 88 percent higher than one year ago, and 26 percent higher than last quarter.

This is the second quarter with all indices revealing increased distress despite economic indicators that show strength to the contrary, such as a continued low interest rate environment and a booming stock market. Notwithstanding the perceived economic strength, stakeholders should be mindful of growing distress and be ready to take advantage of opportunities it may present.

The indices are published on a quarterly basis, along with a report providing detailed analysis. The indices are based on certain cross-sections of Chapter 11 filings and are intended to be contrarian indicators of U.S. economic performance. Because the indices are not based on securities trading information, the indices provide economic information that may be otherwise unrepresented by the broader public exchanges, especially regarding private companies. 

Please click here to access the report.