January 2017
Privacy and Data Security: 2017 Year in Preview

Few issues keep executives awake at night more than Privacy and Data Security. New regulations and threats alike are plentiful, varied, and evolving. The rate of change for cybersecurity and information governance continues to increase, while corporate budgets to address them remain stretched.

As your organization prepares for 2017, data security, privacy compliance, and new technological threats are sure to be on your list of priorities. This guide highlights some key Privacy and Data Security trends and expectations for the new year. Organizations that are well prepared to address the issues highlighted in this guide will be better positioned to mitigate risk and strengthen compliance efforts.

Topics include:
  1. GDPR: Welcome to the New World Order
  2. Privacy Shield: An Uncertain Future
  3. The Internet of Things: Momentum for Regulating Privacy
  4. Russia and China: Emergence of New Privacy Regimes 
  5. Health Care: Data and Uncertainty Reign Supreme 
  6. No State Left Behind: How Privacy Law is Trending Stateside
  7. Privacy Litigation: Consumer Advocacy Dominates the Litigation Landscape
  8. Ransomware, Phishing and the Cloud: Distributed Threats to Privacy and Data Security

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