June 2017
Special Report Reveals Outcomes in Single Asset Real Estate Chapter 11 Cases

Polsinelli/TrBK Distress Special Report: Outcomes In Single Asset Real Estate Chapter 11 Cases offers a window into the distressed real estate market by tracking single asset real estate (“SARE”) Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases across the nation. By looking at failures, market participants can develop strategies for success. The report, which can be found here, analyzes the movement, timing, and results-based outcomes in SARE cases, collectively and comparatively, for all 50 states. Lenders, commercial property owners, developers, private equity funds, and other participants in the distressed real estate market will find the report to be an important tool to identify and capitalize on opportunities in that market.

About the report:

The report is a unique, one-of-a-kind analysis of trends and outcomes in the distressed real estate market since the Great Recession. It relies on detailed empirical data and an in-depth analysis that is unavailable from any other source.
  • The report focuses on “single asset real estate” (SARE) Chapter 11 cases from across the country, including various key markets, involving corporate entities with assets of at least $1,000,000. These cases serve as a proxy for the overall distress in the real estate market.
  • The report analyzes the types of real estate assets that are in distress, the timing for those assets to go through the bankruptcy process, and the types and likelihood of outcomes for those assets. 
  • The report provides participants in the distressed real estate market, including developers/owners, investors, and commercial lenders, vital information to assess and seize on distressed real estate opportunities. As an example, the overwhelming majority of distressed real estate at issue in the SARE cases ended up being sold to a third party, which has implications and presents opportunities for all market participants.