September 2016
Companies facing “take-home” asbestos or other toxic tort exposure claims in Arizona, or in other jurisdictions applying Arizona law, now have a new case to cite in dispositive motions. With the Sept. 20 Arizona Court of Appeals decision in Quiroz v. Alcoa, Inc., Arizona recently joined the list of states that have refused to allow claims for “take-home” asbestos exposures. 

In the ruling, the Court of Appeals affirmed a trial court’s ruling granting a defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment in a case in which plaintiffs alleged their decedent contracted mesothelioma as a result of exposure to asbestos via his father’s work at defendant’s factory.  Plaintiffs claimed decedent’s father brought asbestos dust home on his clothing after working with asbestos-containing products at defendant’s factory and that this “take-home” exposure caused decedent’s mesothelioma.

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