October 24, 2014
Polsinelli presents Crisis Management: a multi-part series (culminating in a webinar on 11.20.2014) on what companies must know to stay ahead of external interruption that risks serious impact to their business concerns. First in this series, Richard Giller of the Insurance Recovery practice explores Ebola's implications on coverage exposure:

The potential insurance implications of the worldwide Ebola crisis may be as far reaching as the virus itself. In addition to its human toll, businesses should not ignore the potential financial ramifications associated with Ebola including, among others, lost profit claims, business interruption losses, claims resulting from government mandated closures or evacuations, negligent exposure/diagnosis claims and cleanup costs.

The potential Ebola-related insurance claims are varied but, in addition to general business interruption losses, could include wrongful death claims, negligent exposure or diagnosis losses, and clean-up or disposal costs. Whether such claims might be covered by a company’s existing policies depends, as with most insurance coverage issues, on the wording of those policies and the coverages provided.

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