November 23, 2015
In what is believed to be the Court’s first post-Daimler written decisions on the issue, Madison County, Illinois Judge Stephen A. Stobbs recently issued two decisions addressing whether the Court has personal jurisdiction over two different asbestos defendants. In both matters, the defendants asserted their business dealings in the state of Illinois did not rise to the level of subjecting them to personal jurisdiction.

These two decisions illustrate the Court’s propensity to address personal jurisdiction over each Defendant on a case-by-case basis, with dramatically different results. It seems that companies that had little to no contact with the State of Illinois or its residents would fare well in challenging the Court’s personal jurisdiction. However, despite the U.S. Supreme Court’s clear mandate in Daimler, it appears the Madison County Court may construe a company’s normal business contacts with Illinois as that company’s efforts to become “at home” in the state, unwittingly subjecting that company to the Court’s jurisdiction.

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