April 2021

Polsinelli is pleased to share the Med-Staff Quarterly Newsletter. This publication contains articles and insight into issues that affect the Medical Staff industry.

In This Issue:

  • Don’t Text and Credential: Wisconsin Surgeon’s Defamation and Tortious Interference Claims Against Former Physician Colleagues Survive Summary Judgment
  • “Baseless Accusations and Innuendo:” Court Rejects Physician’s Claims that Hospital’s Bias Made Peer Review “Unreasonable” Under HCQIA
  • No Shortcuts to Federal-Question Jurisdiction: Patel v. Hamilton Medical Center, Inc.
  • Peer Review Sharing Agreement and Release Protect California Hospitals from Damages 
  • Close, but No Cigar: Physician’s Testimony That He Failed to Meet the Standard of Care Is Insufficient for Negligent Credentialing Claim in Ohio
  • The Devil Is in the Details: Pennsylvania District Court Holds Even When a Credentialing File Is Not Protected by the State’s Peer Review Privilege, Information in the File Might Be 

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