June 2018

Although permanent anchor and inline tenants are the backbone of a successful shopping center and are critical to a property’s stability and ability to attract and retain institutional investors, versatility and flexibility are becoming more and more important. One critical component to the successful evolution of a shopping center is creating a stronger connection with community through attractions, events, and promotions that bring a fresh vibrancy to the centers. Many shopping centers are hosting community events such as concerts, art shows, or other performances, and forming partnerships with community organizations featuring activities like yoga classes, health fairs, or traveling expositions. These specialty relationships and other short term relationships are generally memorialized in a license agreement rather than a traditional lease.

Polsinelli invites you to join our podcast, Thinking Outside of the Big-Box: Understanding License Agreements, with Real Estate Litigation Shareholder, Kelly Stohs and Practice Vice Chair, David Vallas, while they discuss and share insights on leases and licensing for shopping centers.

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