Publications & Presentations
May 17, 2019

At the SLA Conference’s presentation on e-sports, the panel answered the question we have all been asking: what is the ROI on e-sports? The answer: a $1.1 billion industry with 450 million users (both growing annually) and a young demographic that was previously inaccessible through traditional sports mediums. No wonder it is the next big thing.  

“Why do we care about e-sports? Because e-sports looks just like sports.” They are resembling traditional professional leagues with franchises, development leagues, sponsorship agreements, and global marketing opportunities. The primary difference in e-sports viewers is that they are not consuming content owned by a handful of national broadcasters, but through a variety of online mediums owned by thousands of players, teams and leagues. Additionally, viewership in e-sports is not driven by premier events (i.e., Super Bowl, NBA Finals, World Series), but by interactive content with fans and viewers.

In sum, the exponential growth of e-sports has created new opportunities for developers, players, and organizations, and unique challenges for legal practitioners. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this growing industry.