Publications & Presentations
May 17, 2019

During the SLA Conference’s presentation on technology and social media, experts from Wasserman, Twitter, and the NBA shared a vision of the future for how fans and viewers will consume live sports, interweaving concepts like 5G network technology, personal broadcast viewing, alternative and virtual reality, and real-time sports betting. The constant technological advances have already allowed for sports broadcasters to offer traditional sports programming in new and innovative ways, as increased interaction with new fans has increased viewership.

The panel emphasized the use of social media with sports in real time to increase fan engagement, reach new viewers, and convert viewership to additional revenue. In other words, “you must fish where the fish are,” and the convergence of technology and social media has helped bring new audiences to traditional sports.

The panel also recognized the potential challenges of bullying on social media, and how the involvement of sports on social media platforms can help promote key values of diversity, inclusion, and positivity in response to online disparagement.