Album 4 Launches Next Week

The 10 Minute HealthBizCast

Friends – On Album 4, we’re focused on “Creating NextGen Healthcare Companies” - both new ones, and re-creating existing ones, to adapt and succeed in the rapidly changing healthcare environment.  We’ll talk to a number of guests:

  • Lynn Katzman, Juniper Communities - A New Approach to the Future of Senior Care
  • Jack McCallum, Integer Health - Successfully Measuring Excellence: A New Way
  • Christopher Kersey, Havencrest Capital - Smart Investing in the Next Wave of Healthcare
  • Mac McKellar, Nona Scientific - Changing Diagnostics by Integrating Into the Mainline
  • Jennifer Newell, Betty’s Company - Rediscovering Healthcare for Young Women
  • David Friend, Consultant - Understanding Value Based Care: Past, Present, and Future
  • James Lee, CEO and Co-Founder of Bella Groves - Creating New Social Networks for Alzheimers 
  • Lisa Phillips, Principal Analyst for Digital Health at Insider Intelligence - Grasping the Digital Health Revolution and the Rapid Changes it is Spawning
And more...