Publications & Presentations
February 5-8, 2018
Polsinelli is proud to announce that Ross Burris, shareholder, and Neal Shah, associate, will present at two sessions at the American Health Lawyers Association's annual Physicians and Hospitals Law Institute, as part of the Health Information and Technology Featured Track. The conference will be held February 5-7, 2018 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Additional information about these sessions:

Navigating Compliance in a Post-Escobar World, co-presented by Ross Burris
  • The impact of Escobar on the law of False Claims Act implied certification cases
  • Lessons learned from the interpretation of Escobar by federal courts nationwide, including recent case developments affecting hospitals and physician practices
  • Perspectives on how the Escobar case and its interpreting decisions have impacted day-to-day compliance concerns in hospitals
  • How these lessons can be used to proactively redesign your compliance program
  • Potential policies to ensure compliance with potential risk areas including licensure, conditions of participation, and accreditation standards

Mixed Marriages: Transactions and Affiliations among Tax-Exempt Hospitals, Physicians, and Non-Exempt Entities, co-presented by Neal Shah

  • Key motivations and incentives for hospitals, medical practices and for-profit non-exempt entities to enter into mutually-beneficial transactions and affiliations
  • Structural and business considerations applicable to each category of participants
  • Legal and regulatory considerations, including fraud and abuse and compliance
  • Financial considerations, including the implementation of value-based care and other incentive-based arrangements
  • Effective management of financing, advisory, and other ancillary party involvement

For additional information on the conference or to register to attend, please click here.