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May 3, 2018

This webinar was previously recorded on May 3, 2018. To hear the recorded version, please click here.   

Health Care "Prime" - The Future of the Ownership, Organization, Payment, and Delivery of Health Care in America 2.0 
May 3 2018 | 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM CDT

Convergence is occurring in the health care industry. The signs are all around. The interplay between disruption and disaggregation of traditional and incumbent players is being felt across the health care ecosystem and care continuum. To most, the pace feels like it is quickening. But, the realities of implementation and integration of large combinations is months and years away in the future. Is this latest combination a seminal event defining the future of health care? How many more will there be following a similar thesis? Who will be the participants in the next announced combination? When will the best window of opportunity close? These are only the tip of the "right" questions to be considered.

A diverse panelist group will bring a broad range of current perspectives and insights related to the possible Walmart and Humana combination and its potential near-, mid- and long-term implications on the ownership, organization, payment, and delivery of health care products, supplies and services in America.

  • Patrick Pilch | Managing Director and National Leader of BDO Center for Healthcare Excellence & Innovation
  • Roy Bejarano | Chief Strategy Officer and Co-President of Physicians Endoscopy, LLC
  • Jason Helgerson | Former NY Medicaid Director, Chief Solutions Officer Helgerson Solutions Group