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November 14, 2017
From Inside Health Policy

Hospitals Look To Tie Moratorium On 340B Drug Reimbursement Cuts To Must-Pass Legislation

by Michelle M. Stein

House GOP lawmakers are expected to spearhead a bipartisan bill to block pay cuts for 340B drugs that may be introduced as early as this week, a hospital lobbyist said. Hospital lobbyists want to include a moratorium on cuts to reimbursement for 340B drugs in must-pass legislation before the end of the year. However, those following the issue caution that it would be tough to get a legislative fix through both chambers before the cuts take effect.
Julius Hobson, senior policy adviser at Polsinelli, said hospitals' best bet is try to get lawmakers to attach such a policy to a year-end package, but it could be tough. The House Energy & Commerce Committee has been critical of the 340B program; Chair Greg Walden (R-OR) recently raised concerns with the program's growth and lack of clear data on what hospitals do with the money they earn from discounts. Also, after the cut was proposed, a senior House Republican staffer said lawmakers are paying more attention to the Health Resources and Services Administration's authority over 340B than on CMS' policy.
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