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Law 360
March 19, 2018
Law 360 Interviews Polsinelli Shareholder Thomas M. Isaacson on the Patentability of Blockchain Tech 

How To Avoid The Hurdles of Patenting Blockchain Tech
By Matthew Bultman

There is a race to file patents for improvements to blockchain, the ledger technology underlying bitcoin, as fervor around the technology continues to build, but experts warn of potential stumbling blocks that could trip up the unwary inventor.

The number of patent filings related to blockchain and distributed ledger technology have grown at an exponential rate, as companies continue to pour resources into the development of the technology as it is adapted across a range of industries.

Polsinelli Shareholder Thomas M. Isaacson, a member of the firm's FinTech and Regulation Practice, was interviewed extensively by Law360 about the patentability of Blockchain Tech, and provided guidance to inventors on how to successfully patent blockchain-based technology.  His guidance included:
  • A discussion of case studies in which inventive concepts of known components arranged in inventive ways were found to be patent-eligible
  • A discussion of how describing particular technical features related to blockchain technology to solve specific, pre-blockchain computer-based problems, can increase the likelihood of the claims being found patent-eligible
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