Publications & Presentations
March 24, 2015
Polsinelli is proud to announce that shareholders Sean Gallagher and Steve Fox will present at the American Bar Association Section of Labor and Employment Law Midwinter Meeting, March 24-28, 2015 in Naples, Florida.

Stephen Fox will moderate a discussion entitled "Iqbal, Shmiqbal: Have the 'New' Pleading Standards Really Made a Difference in Employment Litigation?", an examination on whether the two matters (commonly collectively called "Twiqbal") that form current case law on notice pleadings have truly changed the landscape of employment litigation, as well as trends in the circuit courts and strategies for attorneys in navigating a post "Twiqbal" world.  Speakers on the panel include attorneys from both coasts as well as a US District Court judge and a representative from the EEOC.

Sean Gallagher will speak on "Ethics of E-Discovery in Complex Litigation", an exploration into the new technologies like predictive coding and electronic file transfer, which promise an easier route to identifying and producing relevant documents in complex litigation but present ethical requirements/pitfalls when using these technologies.  Co-speakers include three other attorneys from firms across the nation.

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