Publications & Presentations
March 26, 2015
Polsinelli is proud to announce that Shareholder Spencer R. Wood will speak at the KRyS Global Cybercrime Session ("It's Not If, It's When"), an international conference on current cybercrime issues on March 26, 2015 in Nassau, Bahamas.

In light of the 2013 major data breach that compromised thousands of credit cards and impacted financial institutions in The Bahamas, how protected is your system from data leaks? How would you know if your system was breached? How would you react if there was a breach of your system and politically sensitive information was globally released? How does the Computer Misuse and Cybercrime Act apply? Are you prepared for the consequences? It is no longer “if” you will get attacked but it is “how” will you react “when” you get attacked.

Topics will include:
  • Data breach preparedness
  • Laws surrounding data protection
  • The Bahamas Computer Misuse Act
  • Latest and greatest ways to combat cyber extortion
  • New threats that are affecting the banking industry
  • Key risk areas
  • Internet policy development
  • Tips for anticipating cybersecurity issues when negotiating agreements
  • Being prepared to respond when cybercrime strikes
Spencer's presentation will center specifically on cybersecurity issues in cloud-based service provider agreements, legal developments in cybercrimes disputes and the preparation of incident response plans.