Publications & Presentations
June 9, 2016
June 9, 2016 | 8:00 AM | Hamburger University

Join Bobby Guy and Robert Dempsey, the co-creators of the Distress Indices, as they discuss the implications and opportunities their research reveals about the healthcare industry.

Unlike most market indices, which rely on public company data, the Distress Indices use criteria that include both public and private companies, providing a broader picture of what is happening on Main Street as well as Wall Street. This data was the basis for the Polsinelli/TrBK Healthcare Distress Report: Causes of Healthcare Distress, which examines the reasons distressed businesses have given for their struggles. During the event, Guy and Dempsey will offer valuable insights about success and failure in the healthcare industry, with a critical look at the market as it exists now, following implementation of the Affordable Care Act.