November 12, 2014

For employers, dealing with the Ebola “crisis” is not as theoretical as it has been made out to be. There are already a number of laws, regulations, and guidance in place to help pave the path for employers. This country has faced other situations from which we can glean insight, such as the SARS virus, MERS virus, H1N1 flu, HIV, and the bird flu. However, complying with every law implicated by Ebola can create possible conflicts that need to be identified and managed.

Fortunately, in a place where there have been only a handful of confirmed cases of Ebola, and only three of them originating in this country, most employers are not likely to see a situation where they must choose which law to follow. Nevertheless, if employers panic and act without thinking (or without consulting legal counsel), they can find themselves down a path filled with legal risks.

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