August 23, 2017
This webinar was previously recorded on August 23, 2017. To access the recorded presentation, click here. Please note that CLE credit is not available for pre-recorded playback.

Class Actions Close-Up: Recent Developments and What You Should Know for the Most Effective Early Evaluation, Management, and Resolution of Class Actions

Wednesday, August 23, 2017 | 12:00 PM (Central)

Class action litigation has the potential to be complicated and daunting. It can also have critical impact on a company’s operations, financial performance, and even long-term viability. During its August 23 webinar, Simple Steps for the Early Evaluation, Management and Resolution of Class Action Claims – Recent Developments, Polsinelli’s Class Action Litigation practice attorneys will highlight key, yet simple steps companies can take to help them assess and evaluate the claims, efficiently and cost effectively manage the litigation, and provide insights into how class claims can be resolved before, during, or after a class is certified.

Our agenda:
  • The early evaluation process of a class action
  • Managing the discovery process
  • How to effectively and strategically use motion practice to accomplish litigation objectives
  • Recent developments in class action settlements
Polsinelli’s Class Action Litigation practice is nationally recognized by BTI Consulting Group for Class Action Litigation in the 2017 BTI Litigation Outlook Report.