June 22, 2017
This webinar was previously recorded on June 22, 2017. To access the recorded presentation, click here. Please note that CLE credit is not available for pre-recorded playback.

Driving Health Care Change through Telehealth: Understanding Strategic and Compliance Considerations

June 22, 2017 | 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM (Central)

Polsinelli invites you to join us for the first webinar in a series exploring the different areas of health care innovation. 

Telehealth offerings are an important and popular component in health care innovation efforts. Often initiated by clinical thought leaders, these programs may have been established and grown organically. However, the diversity and complex nature of the regulatory body that impacts these programs call for structural and operational safeguards that not only meet current needs and authority but are flexible enough to accommodate future legislative and regulatory change.

Our presenters will provide an overview of the diverse compliance considerations, ranging from corporate practice of medicine and fee splitting concerns, which may impact the corporate structure of a program, to enforcement by federal agencies including the FCC, FTC, FDA, and HHS, to insurance and professional liability considerations to private litigants. Following this survey of the operational landscape, the presentation will focus on legislative developments and coverage efforts, and will conclude with a discussion of strategies for incorporating telehealth into tomorrow’s health care delivery.


  • Lidia M. Niecki-Najjum, Associate
  • Cybil G. Roehrenbeck, Counsel
  • Sidney Welch, Shareholder | Health Care Innovation Practice Chair