April 7, 2016
This webinar was previously recorded on April 7, 2016. To view the recorded presentation, please click here.

Get Your Comments Ready; CMS Proposes New and Significantly Enhanced Enrollment Requirements 
April 7, 2016
This webinar will provide an in depth review of the proposed rule released by CMS on March 1, 2016, entitled, "Medicare, Medicaid, and Children’s Health Insurance Programs; Program Integrity Enhancements to the Provider Enrollment Process" that, if finalized, would have a significant impact on providers and suppliers operating in the Medicare, Medicaid and CHIP programs. Consistent with CMS’s recent history of utilizing the enrollment rules to combat fraud, waste and abuse through early identification efforts tangential to the enrollment process, this Proposed Rule seeks to expand CMS’s arsenal by adding yet another set of enrollment and revalidation reporting requirements, as well as significant expansions to CMS’s ability to deny and revoke the billing privileges of providers and suppliers.

By way of example, if enacted, these proposed rules will, in part:
  • Create new obligations on providers and suppliers to monitor and disclose certain present and past “affiliations” with other providers or suppliers who/that underwent certain “disclosable events” 
  • Create new bases for a CMS denial or revocation of a provider’s or supplier’s enrollment;  
  • Increase the length of re-enrollment bars in the event of a revocation;
  • Increase the length of re-application bars in the event of a denial;
  • Implement changes to CMS’s enrollment moratoria authority;  and
  • Implement changes to the process for reactivating a deactivated supplier’s billing privileges.  
We hope that you will find the time to join us in learning about these newly proposed rules and that they will inspire you to take the time to file comments with CMS about any concerns you may have.

  • Ross E. Sallade | Shareholder
  • Sean A. Timmons | Shareholder
  • Joseph T. Van Leer | Associate