May 25, 2016
This webinar was previously recorded on May 25, 2016. To access the recorded presentation, please click here.

Kill Inefficiencies, Find Hidden Value: An Independent Review Can Reveal Untapped Treasures in the Service Provider Arrangements for Your Company’s ERISA Plans
May 25, 2016

Too often the service provider agreements for your company’s benefit plans are negotiated, executed, and promptly stowed away. When was the last time your contractual arrangements saw the light of day and were reviewed by plan fiduciaries to determine whether they continue to be reasonable? 
Join Andrew Douglass from Polsinelli’s Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation practice and Eric Krieg from Risk International Benefits Advisors as they discuss the rewards of an independent examination of your service provider agreements, and how it can provide behind-the-scenes knowledge that will aid future decisions for your company’s employee benefit plans.
Reviews can be done at the time of your annual renewals or conducted periodically through ongoing fiduciary monitoring, and can expose inefficiencies and highlight opportunities to negotiate more favorable commercial terms. Andrew and Eric will lay out a roadmap for companies interested in taking the first step toward an independent review of their ERISA service provider agreements, and cover the following additional topics:
  • Opportunities created by independent reviews 
  • Recommended frequency of reviews and best practices for compliance with ERISA’s fiduciary duties
  • Strategies for identifying cost savings and other value opportunities
  • Negotiating more favorable contract provisions
  • Monitoring performance of your service providers through ongoing independent reviews

  • W. Andrew Douglass | Practice Chair (Polsinelli)
  • Eric Krieg | Managing Director (Risk International)