May 4, 2016
This webinar was previously recorded on May 4, 2016. A recorded version is available here.

Landlord, Family Therapist, Debt Collector - Other Hats Worn In Long-Term Care  
May 4, 2016

Providing a home, health care services, and a supportive environment to ill and aging residents is a hard enough job. But long-term care facilities also have to contend with operating a business and the complex emotional dynamics between residents, families, and long-term care. Facilities must be prepared for these challenges beyond health care.

On our agenda:
  • Across the spectrum of long-term care, you may be closer to a landlord than a health care provider. Know admissions and non-discrimination requirements to avoid Fair Housing Act liability and how a resident may need to transition across levels of care.
  • Resident families bring their own emotional baggage, and their emotions and unrealistic expectations may be harder to deal with than resident health care needs. Learn how to deal with and survive difficult families without compromising your operations.
  • Whether for-profit or non-profit, a long-term care facility cannot survive and continue its mission without compensation for the care it provides. Know how to deal with changes in a resident’s payor status, non-payments, and involuntary residency termination actions to protect the financial health of the facility.

On our panel: