March 23, 2016
This webinar was previously recorded on March 23, 2016. To access the recorded presentation, please click here.

Comparing Regulatory Enforcement of Hospitals and Long-Term Care Facilities

March 23, 2016

Hospitals and long-term care share the same regulatory framework: a State license, federal certification to participate in Medicare and Medicaid, and surveys to evaluate compliance and sanction noncompliance. But hospitals and long-term care surveys seem more different than alike. Through deemed status, hospital accreditation plays a larger role than State/CMS surveys. Only a Condition of Participation level deficiency will threaten a hospital's Medicare/Medicaid certification. On the other hand, long-term care is exclusively regulated by State/CMS surveyors, encounters more frequent surveys, and is subject to a range of intermediate sanctions that impose fines and deny Medicare/Medicaid payments during an ongoing survey cycle.

  • Compare the hospital and long-term care regulatory process
  • Explain the hospital regulatory framework of deemed status, Condition of Participation and Standard level deficiencies, and noncompliance sanctions.
  • Explain the long-term care regulatory framework of State/CMS surveys, the concept of a survey cycle, and intermediate sanctions throughout the cycle. 
  • Explain the State-license only regulation for assisted living facilities

  • Jason T. Lundy, Shareholder