October 27, 2016
This webinar was previously recorded on October 27, 2016. To access to the recorded presentation, please click here.

Claims By or Against (Former) Officers and Employees

The eighth and final webinar presentation in the M&A Litigation Series examines merger-related claims by or against officers, directors and employees.  Fiduciary standards are considered, as well as exculpatory charter and bylaw provisions.  Non-compete, intellectual property and non-disclosure actions also are discussed.

On our agenda:
  • Standards of Conduct and Review of Fiduciaries’ Acts and Omissions 
  • Status of Zone of Insolvency 
  • Exculpatory and Indemnification Provisions Protecting Officers, Directors, and Employees 
  • Post-Merger Disputes, including Non-Compete, Intellectual Property, Trade Secret and Non-Disclosure Disputes

On our panel: