June 11, 2020

This webinar was previously recorded on June 11, 2020. To view a recording of this webinar, click here. To access the materials, click here.  

Strategies for Post-COVID Commercial Payor Reimbursement Planning

Thursday, June 11
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CST

Part 2 of the Provider Challenges and Opportunities with Commercial Payors in the COVID and Post-COVID World series, this webinar will focus on health care provider opportunities to resolve claims backlog and to anticipate and plan for reimbursement and contracting in the post-COVID environment.

  • Strategies for tackling past-claims backlog
    • Technical and clinical denials and underpayments
    • Addressing payor policies
  • Planning for payor covid-related audits
    • Suspended payor practices and requirements
    • Considerations and strategies for addressing now and later
  • Anticipating and planning for changing health care delivery models
    • Change in delivery practices due to COVID
    • Considerations and strategies for contracting and reimbursement expectations