August 17, 2016

This webinar was previously recorded on August 17, 2016. To access the recorded presentation, please click here.

The Ruby Files: The Case of the Disappearing Secrets and an Independent Contractor 
August 17, 2018

In the fourth of our webinars on The Ruby Files: Managing the Challenging Employee, we continue to follow Ruby as her changing circumstances present her employers with a variety of legal complications.

Fresh off claims of sexual harassment and age discrimination at a bank, Ruby applies at a relatively new company in the technology industry, which is experiencing challenges relating to recruitment and employment. Ruby is hired as an independent contractor, but things don’t quite work out. She quits, and then claims constructive discharge because of her working conditions. After Ruby’s departure the company discovers that she has taken client lists and other proprietary materials on her way out the door. What is the company’s next move?

Polsinelli’s Labor and Employment attorneys will cover legal hot buttons in this webinar, specifically:

  • Visa concerns and employment of immigrants
  • Independent contractor status
  • Constructive discharge and how to handle related allegations
  • Theft of trade secrets and proprietary information