June 4, 2015
Antitrust Rules for Provider Collaboration: How to Form and Operate a Network of Competing Providers

Provider collaboration and coordination are increasingly important pathways to business success in the post-Affordable Care Act environment, but the FTC and other antitrust enforcement agencies remain focused on the antitrust compliance risks of collaboration and consolidation. Our webinar reviews pertinent antitrust law and enforcement agency policies, and suggests practical guidance regarding clinical integration and related issues for health care providers to consider as they implement an antitrust compliance strategy in today's challenging health care marketplace.

Polsinelli Shareholders Gerald A. Niederman and Mitchell D. Raup will address:
  • Clinical integration- what is it and why is it important to hospitals, physicians and other providers?
  • Compliance Strategies: financial integrations, hybrids and single entity
  • Key legal issues for provider networks
  • Practical considerations in network development

This webinar was previously recorded on June 4, 2015. To listen to the recorded version, please click here