April 1, 2014

For health care providers, exposure to cyberattacks is becoming a stark reality. Findings in a recently released Health Care Cyberthreat Report by cybersecurity leaders confirmed the health care industry's vulnerabilities for cyberattacks. The Report attributed such vulnerabilities to a lack of progressive cybersecurity strategies and controls and the increasing amount of electronic protected health information (ePHI) being exchanged over the Internet.

Just days prior to the Report's release, The Wall Street Journal reported that a national cybersecurity firm discovered information from providers on a popular website hackers use to post data, 4shared.com. The data included PHI and information that could be used to access provider networks. A search by The Wall Street Journal on 4shared.com found compromising information from three New York nursing homes, which reflects how cyberattacks can have compounding effects when information is disseminated beyond the hackers.

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