March 2, 2015

Ingram's Magazine

Doreen Dodson’s path to a law career was put on hold by three factors familiar to any working mother today—her children—and one that generally isn’t—a society disinclined to encourage women in

law. “I wanted to be a lawyer, like my father, from the time I was quite young, but girls were not encouraged to go to law school back then,” says Dodson. So, 14 years after she first set foot on the campus of Duke University, then earned a master’s in education at North Carolina, Dodson graduated from Saint Louis University’s School of Law.

Most of her career was with the Stoler Partnership, a law firm that disbanded in 2013, and Dodson took her legal acumen, including skills in employment and immigration law, to what’s now the Polsinelli law firm.

Despite push back from President Obama’s stated goal of dealing with immigration issues through executive order, “I believe it will be a very good thing for Missouri and its effort to keep skilled, highly trained professionals, including entrepreneurs and venture start- ups,” Dodson says.  

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