November 25, 2015
From InfraAmericas

by Eugene Gilligan

Pennsylvania’s Public Private Partnership Board approved two projects at its 24 November board meeting, InfraAmericas has learned.

The first project would authorize Northampton County to use a P3 in order to replace 28 bridges. The private partner would also repair six additional bridges in the county.

The second project, submitted to the P3 board by PennDOT, will be a DBFOM for commercially-viable facilities on PennDOT-owned parcels near the Middletown, Pennsylvania train station. The private partner will design, build, finance, operate and maintain the station as well as maintain or expand existing station parking.

Unsolicited proposal

A PennDOT spokesperson told InfraAmericas that an RFQ will be issued for the project early next year. A consortium led by Mercer, Pennsylvania-based Clearwater Construction submitted the unsolicited proposal in October for the county bridges project. Other members of the consortium are Pennoni Engineering and Key Bank NA. Polsinelli is P3 counsel to the consortium.

Northampton County will now determine whether or not it will move forward with the project. PennDOT will serve in an advisory capacity if a procurement is launched.

A PennDOT spokesperson declined to provide a cost estimate for either project.

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