June 30, 2014
From Missouri Lawyers Weekly

by Catherine Martin

Missouri Lawyers Weekly reports on the growing field of health care law in their article titled "A Healthy Prognosis."

Polsinelli has recently become the second largest Health Care Practice in the nation. The growth is due to ongoing seismic changes in the health care industry impacting health care providers. To meet the increased demand for strategic legal assistance, Polsinelli just is adding new health care attorneys nationwide.

Randy Gerber, the St. Louis office managing director and shareholder in the health care practice at Polsinelli, said he was only the fifth or sixth health care lawyer to join the firm back in 2001. Now the firm has close to 90 full-time health care attorneys. Recent growth in health care law doesn't seem as if it will plateau anytime soon as it continues its expansion across companies. Earlier this month, Polsinelli announced they were adding as many as seven attorneys to their health care practice. Health care alone is a dominating industry, comprising about 17 percent of the United States' GDP. It only makes sense that the health care area of law is such an ever-growing field. Attorneys in this practice group have to handle the transactions and potential violations of laws specific to health care providers. "It can be tricky for health care providers to structure transactions so they are compliant with all the laws, and that is where attorneys come in," Gerber said. Hospitals are reorganizing the way they do business and new introductions, such as changing technology and the Affordable Care Act, mean more compliance for health care providers.  These changes in the industry mean more work for attorneys providing health care services. In the foreseeable future, law firms can expect health care to continue leading the way in the expanding fields.

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