August 12, 2014
The Dallas Morning News recently reported on the changing legal marketplace in Texas due to lawyers moving to national law firms that are headquartered out-of-state from Atlanta to Chicago and New York to Miami and Los Angeles.

Mark Curiden reported the story and interviewed a number of attorneys from around the Dallas area including Polsinelli's Jon Henderson. Here is a portion of that article and  interview. Henderson told Curiden that even with this trend happening, none of the firms moving into Dallas were the right fit until Polsinelli.

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"None of the local law firms were good matches for me and my clients," said Henderson.

Then, in the spring of 2011, he received a call from a recruiter working for Polsinelli, a Kansas City law firm that specializes in healthcare law.

"It was like I had found someone I had been looking for all my life," he says. "Polsinelli was the perfect fit - a great match from a cultural and industry-focused standpoint."

In the three years since, Polsinelli's Dallas office has gorwn from five lawyers to more than 30 and the firm has witnessed tremendous success in adding clients from the healthcare community in Texas.

"Jon showed us that Polsinelli, with its offices throughout the Midwest and Southwest, fit perfectly with our footprint," says Matt Murphy, general counsel at Encompass Home Healthcare in Dallas. "They have tremendous expertise in locations where we need it. That is invaluable."